The Hidden World of Domestic Staffing

What goes on behind the fancy facades of multi-million dollar houses?

The high-end domestic industry was a well kept secret to me until I found out about it…

One day, years ago when I first discovered this hidden domestic industry, I was sitting talking to a friend who said, “My wife does really well, she works as a housekeeper/nanny for a guy who owns 2 football teams and lots of companies.”  I said, “sign me up!!!  How do I do that?  Where did she find that?  How did she start doing that?  I want in!!!”  (As you can see I was really interested.)

I had been the traditional house keeper going from house to house for many many years, working for myself and having my own clients.  It was hard and clients would come and go.  They would fall off and then at times there would be too many clients for me to get to everyone.  Then there was the headache of trying to find some kind of employee that wasn’t accident prone and who would do a top level, quality job, who I could trust, etc, etc.  But the sound of housekeeping full time at one place was so relieving to me.  A job with benefits and paid vacation, now we are talking!

modern massive estate
Modern massive estate that would require several domestic staff to maintain it

The Hoops You Have to Jump Through

You don’t get to just waltz into a place worth 70 or 80 million dollars though without a few hoops to jump through.  There are checks, background checks and a few more checks.  You have to be super qualified, you have to bring it, you have to have that desire, motivation… Ha ha, but you know, it all depends on who you interview with.  Luckily I passed everything with flying colors.  I had the experience of many many years of cleaning and I had a squeaky clean background.  There is a common sense guide that really helped me get the into high-end scene.

Oh, I think I skipped the biggest tip I got, was there are actually agents that place you in those houses we all drool over.  Yes there are agents!  What?  Only actors have agents, every one knows that.  Nope, in the domestic industry agents and agencies make the world turn.  Who knew?  So get your resume and your stack of letters of recommendation ready.  Yes, once you are scrutinized, qualified and admitted away you go to interview land.

Life Styles of the Rich and Famous

Popping around from millionaire house to millionaires house for interviews is also a trip!  Oh the experiences I could tell you, snap shots of the life styles of the rich and famous.

Thus this has been my life, my career.  I have landed in many high end houses.  There are personal assistants, nannies, chiefs, laundresses, drivers, security, handymen, butlers, house keepers, executive housekeepers and I’m probably missing some other titles.

They all have their own stories of how they made it to the high and rarefied air of the ultra wealthy, but this is my tale of ascension and breaking into the hidden world of elite domestic staffing or in the private household service industry.

Maid or Housekeeper in the domestic industry

Typical image representation of a maid or housekeeper in the domestic industry[/caption]

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    1. Thanks Sanny you are very encouraging! I appreciate your kind words, I’m working on a new post. I will be getting it out there soon!

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