What I Do as a House Manager

As a House Manager for the Private Household Service Industry maintaining and running beautiful, up-scale estates is my passion. I have done it for over 17 years.
I produce beautiful, clean, distraction free living environments for stars, influential and affluent people.

I am accustomed and experienced in working in polished, high-end environments. Feeling at ease in these environments allows me to perform house managing services, housekeeping and any other task with full competence and confidence.
I deal effortlessly with every type of person that composes the household.
Estates I have been employed at had a number of security personnel.  I have been entrusted with access codes, keys, gate codes and security systems.  My expertise is my level of communication and organization.
I can work up to any level of responsibility, I can learn any task that is needed. 

My goal is to help people.  I contribute heavily to employers, to my industry and to people in general by creating  articles, videos, blogs and social media pages.  I share all my resources for obtaining employment fast.  Also I provide free online business classes. Please check out the several articles I have written on my blog pages

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Executive Housekeeper/House Manager

Over 17 years Domestic Excellence.

Work Experience:  

Private Client, Beverly Hills Business Mogul and Family                       August 2019- March 2021 

House Manager

  • In charge of every aspect of maintaining and running a 35 million dollar sprawling estate in Beverly Hills. 
  • Ensured several cars that belonged with the estate were maintained and fully functioning.   
  • Hosted many celebrity guests, made sure they had superlative care during their stay.   
  • Vetted and managed all vendors.  In charge of all security for estate. 
  • Cleaned and maintained all houses, guest houses and garages on the estate.  Learned and operated industrial ironing machine. 


Private Client, Tech Entrepreneur, Brentwood, Ca.              January 2018- September 2018

House Manager                                               
  • Stocked/inventoried all household supplies.  Did errands and food shopping.
  • Created checklists on Google Docs for all supplies and food shopping.
  • In charge of staff and all vendors.  Scheduled weekly and annual maintenance.
  • Responsible for company credit card, Amazon account, paying vendors & staff.


Private Client (Music Client), Hollywood Hills          July 2015 – Feb. 2017

House Manager/ Executive Housekeeper

  • Ran music celebrity’s charming, 1930’s Spanish style house.
  • Procured, arranged and supervised all vendors and activities.
  • Received and dealt with all shipments and packages.
  • Assisted with errands, shopping and ordering groceries.
  • Maintained vehicles.
  • Kept the three-story house and large wardrobe in a spotless, organized fully functioning state.
  • Consistently updated principals on all house projects and repairs to keep the estate in pristine condition.

Private Client, Calabasas, CA                         June 2014 – March 2015

 Executive Housekeeper

  • Responsible for 10k square foot busy household including three children (8 yrs., 10 yrs., and 14 yrs. old) animals, fine furnishings, couture clothes, and antiques.
  • Handled getting the children ready for school in the morning and made them breakfast.
  • Managed the laundry, ironing organized the pantry, closets and work spaces.
  • Gatekeeper of the household.

Private Client, Hollywood Hills                   Feb. 2012 – Feb. 2013

Executive Housekeeper

  • Cleaned movie stars house in the Hollywood Hills including modern decor, stone surfaces, mirrors, glass, and washed entire wall windows.
  • Organized and maintained a spotless house for the residents.



Sonoma State University, BA in Liberal Arts.

Studied at Guadalajara University in Mexico

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What is the Private Household Service Industry

Granted, serving the elite is an industry with heritage and legacy. Truly, the evolution has been interesting to witness and document. For instance, you can get a feel of my career and what is has been like working in this industry, by checking out the several blogs I have written. Notably, the wealthy in the USA have spawned a need for a support team to help maintain their lifestyles. Domestic Staffing agencies are at the forefront of that movement supplying the wealthy with any type of staff they need.

Furthermore, there is the Hospitality side of the industry as well. Staffing for high-end hotels and luxury resorts. Consider this aspect of the industry when looking at careers as well. In fact, there are many options.

I Help People

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“Kelly managed our home, she has hustle and is very hard working. She scheduled maintenance and liaised with vendors who serviced the house and was very liked by all. There is zero drama with Kelly. She was never idle and got along with other staff beautifully.”

D. D. – Executive Assistant, Estate Manager

We have enjoyed Kelly’s services. In all that time she has never missed a day nor failed to do a great job! We appreciate all the extra touches she gives us also. Kelly is open to changes, duplicates what you want. She keeps everything easy and enjoyable. Thank you so much from an Executive Casting Director and working Mom.

Catherine- London/Stroud Casting

I’m so grateful to have found Kelly, she is outstanding! She leaves our home spic and span and always goes above and beyond!

Genevieve- Stylist and fashion Illustrator

Kelly is wonderful ! Her cleaning services are excellent, she went above and beyond. She was the most thorough cleaner I’ve ever had, she had every surface sparkling, including my greasy stove! She’s also trust worthy. I give her the keys to my house and trust her to get the job done and she always does. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.

Heather- L.A. Journalist