Private Household Service Careers, Industry Super Stars

Private Household Service Careers

Navigating a career in the Private Household Service Industry in the middle of a pandemic is interesting.  Let’s take a look at Private Household Service careers of people in this industry.  Things are shifting.  I’m tracking what is happening with rolls within the private Private Household Service Careershouseholds.  Come with me on my journey navigating through agencies, interviews, trials and tribulations.  I’ve had the privilege and honor to talk to the very finest and top level individuals working in and running estates for the worlds richest people.


Luxury Estate Chief Operations Manager Private Household Service Career

One person in particular that struck me as an amazing, most interesting individual was Daniel, Chief Operations Manager for a massive luxury estate in England.  My goodness what a fascinating character, he could tell stories for days of all his situations.  A sit at the edge of your seat story teller and that was just one of his amazing talents.  What can I say that would not be telling too much?


Future Plan of the Man with a Plan

If my duplication is correct and as far as I can understand Daniel’s career is going to go into the world of fractional management of elite estates.  The idea is, he will supervise many different estates, being a business owner, service provider, working for himself lending his expertise to multi-million dollar estates world wide.


large estate with purple colorA High End Housekeeping Career

What an interesting journey my career has been, employed by high net worth individuals in their private households.  It is not just that I get to see the lifestyles of the rich and famous it is more interesting to me to network with my colleagues.  True super stars that dedicate their lives to serving the ultra high net worth, elite of the world.   From my career I’m documenting what it is like working in this industry.  Job searching in California for a full time housekeeping or house managing position in 2022.  The highs and lows of networking, meeting outstanding professionals in my field and going through domestic placement agencies that can infrequently lower your confidence or boost expectations to high levels.


Typical Incident in the Life of a High End Housekeeper

Super excited to start a job at a 40 million dollar estate in Bel Air.  Housekeeping was needed and I provided it.  But after a couple of weeks I was let go because I was over qualified.  You can interpret it however you like.  For me, I will not make excuses and take responsibility and say I did not apply proper conditions to get me stably onto the job.  What am I talking about you ask?  Here you go, a free online class to help you raise any condition in your life:


Control Your Career

You have to keep that intention, desire and interest there to get a job.  Strong interest in your field and what you are doing will get you through and help get what you want.  I also believe in writing out your ideal scene of what you are going for.  If you have no vision of what you want in life then you will have nothing to aim for and there is no compass to direct or guide you. Private Household Service Careers are available you just have to find them.  Agencies are the most common place people in this private household service industry go to get jobs.  I created a facebook page that is a directory for all the different agencies you can go to for helping you to find work:  Here is another tool to get you what you want, a free online class,


bright guy emoji The Greatest Super Star Estate Manager Career I have ever Seen

I got to talk to the most skilled person in the private household service industry I have ever talked to.  As Private Household Service Careers go this person is the top of the line I would say you couldn’t go much higher than all he does.  It was just amazing talking to him.  I was in awe of his skills, he knew so much.  Working for high net worth people for so long he knows so much.  I can not neglect to put his knowledge to paper or document it.  Phill was his name and it was my good fortune that he reached out to me one day and requested we connect.

The Difference Between House Manager vs Estate Manager

He had so many tips and we talked about so many topics.  One topic we started out on was, I had him tell me more about is the difference between a house manager and an estate manager.  It came down to the tasks.  Some esteemed schools will just cut the confusion with the square meters of the house.  This was not sufficient or adequate.  It depends on what tasks the household demands of you whether you are going be calling yourself a house manager or an estate manager.  That was just a small clarification that came as the easiest thing to him.   More important was his philosophy and view point of life.

Advice from a Man who Knows a Little about the Private Household Service Industry

Shall I get into his qualifications?  Then I will be name dropping and get into trouble about giving away confidences and secrets.a butler silhouette, Private Household Service Careers

How do you know this Estate Manager is well qualified?  Well, to get through all his qualifications and experience I would probably spend the next 5 or 10 minutes of your time name dropping and giving out all kinds of industry confidential data that I’m forbidden to do.  In general I can state he has been in the private household industry for over 20 years.  He has mastered I would say any kind of butler skill imaginable.  His longevity at estates is remarkable, for example 5 years with an ultra high net worth business man another 7 or 10 years with a movie producer, 15 years with another A list movie star, on and on his resume and list of accomplishments never stops.  I think it would behoove people in this industry and humanity in general to pay attention to the wisdom of this highly accomplished professional.  His skills and philosophy are too out of this world to be forgotten, overlooked or left to perish.

The story that Phill Told that Brought Tears to my Eyes

The one major lesson we can learn and take away a little piece of Phill’s wisdom is from his story.  He said he first started his career at a chef school, where there was a very famous chef he met and got to observed.  This chef was quiet, humble and super successful.  Phill learned and what the chef passed onto him as advice was that the secret to success was that you help others that are eager to learn, bright and show potential.  You may ask how in the world would that bring any sort of success back to you?  Well, it does have a karma like effect.  You need proof?  Look no further than at Phill’s successful career.  When you help others in your group or field the influence and exchange you give to your group comes back to support add and lift you up.  I’m not saying that is the only thing that Phill did to make himself successful, but it is a secret weapon that can be quite over looked.

Secret to Success

Private Household Service CareersGive in order to get.  Let me further explain, many people have a, “give me, give me, give me” outlook.  In order to get, honestly I believe you have to give in order to get.  Furthermore, when I say give, I mean to give over and exchange something of value with your group or the area you want support from. Life can be categorized into a few compartments so as to better get a handle or get a grip to control it better.  You might find this helpful as an example of how you can give something of value to someone in order for them to do better in life.  Here is a free online class that allows you to have more knowledge of life: Dynamics of Life free online course.


Secret to Success Expanded

Private Household Service Careers

To expound upon the idea of “Give in Order to Get” an example of how I exchange with my industry or group is, I created a free directory for candidates.  Candidates are those individuals looking for work in the private household service industry.  This page is also for domestic agents and agencies who have domestic jobs.  Agents can go on the page and have free exposure and advertising there.  Looking for a one stop location where you can find all kinds of domestic staffing agencies all in one spot?  I created this free directory on Facebook where agencies from all over the world are in one location.  You can compare and find the right agency for you and in your area:  Another gift I offer is to get proven quality online business education, meaning free online business classes at no cost to you, at this website I created:




About the Author:

Trapped at an office job, I quickly found that sitting behind a desk was not my strong point.  I excelled at moving, hustling and making material things look better, improving the condition of just about everyone and everything I came into contact with.  With that advantage…  Kelly Watkins is a  House Manager, Housekeeper and Success Influencer!  Over 17 years of delivering domestic excellence in the private service industry, meeting requirements for running distraction free estates. I truly take pride in running a clean and orderly house, delivered with superlative quality and dependability.  I am a people person at heart.  What I like about my profession is that I can take a house and move it up into a better condition.  Continuously helping others is my successful action in life.


Chris and Kelly Watkins,
Chris and Kelly Watkins




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